Ellex Valiunas

Employment Law


Ellex Valiunas is a member of the Ellex group of law firms providing the highest quality legal services and the largest law firm in the Baltic States, with over 200 lawyers (together with 280 business support team). Having worked in Lithuania for twenty-five years, Ellex Valiunas is working to help its clients safely realize their goals and business ideas, as well as create an advanced, socially responsible, just business and legal environment.
Ellex Valiunas is a privileged member of Lex Mundi in Lithuania. This network brings together the world's most recognized and experienced independent law firms from over 100 countries. We are also an exclusive member of the World Services Group (WSG), an international association that brings together the best professional business services providers.
We are your business partner, to whom every client is exceptional, so we seek added value by offering not only legal services, but also innovative and integrated business development, strategy and finance solutions that meet the expectations of modern business.

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