Office Address

REX House
145 Magore Street, Upanga
P.O. Box 7495
Dar Es Salaam

Phone Number

+ 255 22 2114291 / 4899 / 8035; + 255 22 213 7191

Fax Number

+ 255 22 211 2830 / 9474


Office Locations

Dar Es Salaam

Firm Background

REXATTORNEYS was established on 1st February 2006 following the merger between Maajar, Rwechungura, Nguluma & Makani (Advocates) (its history goes back to 1985) and Epitome Advocates ( its history goes back to 1997).  Both firms were already leading corporate law firms in Tanzania and have brought their experience and goodwill into the merged firm.

REXATTORNEYS is an integrated corporate legal business deriving its strength from a good team of partners, associate partners, and other legal experts with an all round corporate law experience. REX has consolidated its expertise by associating with Lex Africa, a network of top law firms across English-speaking Africa represented in the Lex Africa network at in 28 African countries. REX also works with top law firms that are not members of the Lex Africa both in the Africa Region as well as throughout the world.

The firm is predominantly a corporate law practice, both litigation and transactional, gathered by the partners on both sides of the merger. The merger also saw portfolio growth, with a new, larger and broad-spectrum clientele base drawing on the entire goodwill built by EPITOME and MRN&M and with all the clients staying on. The Firm is mostly identified with corporate matters covering all sectors of the economy, company formation, mining, oil and gas; project finance, banking and financial services, capital markets, competition and M&A transactions, employment and labor, intellectual property, insolvencies, legislative and regulatory regime review and commercial litigation and arbitration. REXATTORNEYS has built expertise in PPPS and asset based securitization law and derivatives.

Firm Practice Areas

Corporate Project Finance, Banking and Financial Services, Banking and Financial Services, Mining Gas and Oil, Employment, Intellectual Property, Legislative & Regulatory Review, Commercial Litigation and Arbitration, Commercial legal Research

Additional Attorneys