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98 Orce Nikolov\r\n1000 Skopje\r\nRepublic of Macedonia

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++ 389 2 311 47 37

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Firm Background

Polenak Law Firm continues the tradition of rendering legal services, established by its founders since 1946, when the first law Firm with the name of Polenak was founded. Polenak Law Firm's practice encompass major mergers and acquisitions involving local and international investors, legal due diligence reports, creation of banks, insurance and leasing companies, trade and production companies, hospitals and medical care institutions, numerous commercial, civil and criminal litigations, financial transactions, loans and enforcements, employment issues, preparation and review of contracts, real estate transactions, share transfers.

Firm Practice Areas

Polenak Law Firm provides services in the following areas of law: administrative law and administrative litigation; arbitration; banking; civil law and civil litigation; commercial litigation; company law and corporate governance; competition law, anti-trust and takeover procedures; construction; contracts; criminal law and criminal litigation; energy and natural resources; finance, taxation; foreign investments; games on chance; insurance; intellectual property; labour law and employment litigation; leasing; mergers and acquisitions; mortgages, pledges and enforcement; privatization; real estate; securities; telecommunications. Polenak Law Firm has a long tradition of providing legal services related to the labor law and labor litigation. Polenak Law Firm has prepared for the clients internal acts that regulate labor relations within the employer, acts for determination and description of job positions, preparation of collective agreements on the employer's level and other necessary acts and regulations including preparation and conducting internal discipline procedures for breaching of working duties and procedures as well as procedures for surplus of employees caused by economic, structural, technical, or similar changes at the employer.

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