Office Address

U-COM Building
1,Place de l'Indépendance
Bujumbura, Burundi

Phone Number

+257 22 217 475

Fax Number

+257 22 217 476

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Firm Background

A&JN Mabushi is one of the leading law firms in Burundi.  Founded in 1996, it currently has two partners.  A&JN Mabushi has developed experience in business law (banking, transportation, insurance, and investiment tax and corporate law), litigation, real estate transactions, arbitration, and NGO regulations.  It also undertakes consultancies, for example, in the areas of public procurement law, competation law, and privatization.

As a member of Africa Legal Network and with a strong skills base, A&JN Mabushi will go a long way in improving the association's ability to serve its clients in the East African region.

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