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Suite 4000
1 Place Ville Marie
Montreal, Quebec  H3B 4M4

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514-871-1522 or 1-800-465-9772

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Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa

Firm Background

Once only a concern of large corporations, globalization henceforth affects companies and countries of all sizes, which now battle for market share on a planetary scale. What is true abroad also affects us here at home. To meet these new imperatives, firms must adapt to the reality of business.

Recently, 34 new lawyers specialized in business law joined the firm. Lavery initiated this spectacular transformation in order to provide the business community with comprehensive services in all areas of the law. While business is changing, certain fundamental values remain the same. Thus, at every step of the mandate, our lawyers will always focus on the essential: finding timely and cost-effective solutions that fully address the client's situation, without ever compromising excellence.

While simple in appearance, this approach, grounded in the firm's recognized expertise, as refined over many client mandates, and supported by effective resources, is designed to:

  • encourage work in multidisciplinary teams, including legal specialists in the forefront of their field, where required;
  • foster informed and sound judgments, rigorous intellectual discipline and exceptional ingenuity
  • focus attention on our clients' needs, protect their true interests, and ensure a continuous exchange of information
  • prevent conflicts of interest
  • provide all the requisite technological support 

Firm Practice Areas

Business Immigration
Business Transactions/Mergers and Acquisitions
Commercial Litigation
Competition and Anti-trust
Corporate Governance
Education Law
Financing and Financial Services
Information and Privacy Law
Labour and Employment
Pension and Benefits
Professional Liability