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Rue des ecoles
Immeuble Supermont
P.O. Box 3540

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+237 342 07 96

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+237 342 07 96


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Firm Background

One of Cameroon's leading law firms and handles the briefs of a broad range of corporate clients in Cameroon and abroad.

The firm is bilingual and bi-jural to the extent that it carries out professional assignments in the two official languages i.e. French and English and operates in the two legal systems i.e. Common law and Civil law systems. The firm has a staff of eight (8) inclusive of 3 lawyers and one consultant.

The seven (7) years working experience of the firm's consultant with the National Investment Corporation (SNI) Yaounde is invaluable and prompts the firm to easily grapple with new laws namely: International litigations, Execution of foreign judgments, Telecommunications and Environment.

Our Driving Force

Because of the nature of our business and the particularity of our clients, the firm lays emphasis on Equity, Trusts, Ethics, Values, and Morals.

With time we have proved to be tenacious in handling client's matters in and out of the courts.

We believe in being trustees and gentlemen ready to serve clients their interests and rights to the best of our abilities. The firm is result oriented.

Firm Practice Areas

Corporate and Investment Laws
Labour Laws
Negotiations, Arbitration, and Execution of Foreign Judgments
Criminal Laws and Civil Litigation
Constitutional Law
International Human Rights and Humanitarian laws
Immigration and Nationality Laws
Family Law and Laws of Succession
Maritime Law
Environmental Law

Additional Attorneys